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[ Thông tin bóng đá ] Team tactics in football are very important for every team. If deploying an effective squad will be a premise to win. Form 4-2-2-2 is one of the squads used by many coaches. Do you have a good understanding of this 4-2-2-2 formation? Let’s learn about this football tactical chart.

What is the 4-2-2-2 strategy?

Form 4-2-2-2 is a tactical diagram that is used often and is too familiar to online FIFA players. This tactic is widely used by professional FIFA ONLINE 4 players in Korea. Not only Korean players, many gamers today also use this lineup to create a comprehensive lineup.

The 4-2-2-2 formation is a commonly used strategy in FIFA online.

With the ability to adjust the ingenious and appropriate tactical scheme, the 4-2-2-2 formation brings surprising effectiveness in the FIFA ONLINE 4 arena.

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The role of positions in the 4-2-2-2 . formation


In the 4-2-2-2 tactical scheme, the goalkeeper has that role as the last stop to prevent the opponent from scoring into the home team’s net. The necessary condition of a goalkeeper is the ability to have good reflexes, to block the ball, to react quickly, to have the ability to control 16m50.

In this position, there is no need for the goalkeeper to play too well because in front there are 4 players in the defense who are responsible for deploying the ball and escaping pressing.

An important factor for the goalkeeper position is the ability to get in and out, control high balls or crosses from the flanks. The opponent will take advantage of the loopholes of the home team’s defensive players. Therefore, the goalkeeper needs to meet a lot of conditions to be able to play well in this position.

central defender

The task of the two central defenders is to protect the home team’s goal from the opponent’s goal. The goalkeeper is the last stop, so he rarely goes in and out of the penalty area. Therefore, the two central defenders need to possess decisiveness and be really agile to block the opponent’s attack. Two central defenders need to cover and play well together.

In addition to defending, the full-back also has to often rise to support the border. Therefore, it is necessary to have 2 central defenders behind to fill the empty position left by 2 defenders. And yet, the two central defenders, as soon as they realize the danger, have to come out immediately to stop attacking situations from the two sides.

The positions in the 4-2-2-2 formation all play an important role.


The full-back plays an extremely important role in this tactical scheme. The players need to attack the defense very smoothly and flexibly. Not only did they perform the overlapping phases with 2 midfield players, but the 2 back players also created highlights with the striker on the flanks.

This style of play makes players lose a lot of stamina. Therefore, it is necessary to choose players who possess enduring physical strength, fast speed and extreme acceleration. And yet, the player needs to be able to coordinate, create space for the two wingers to break through the defense of the opposing team.

The full-back needs to possess a lot of skills that are climbing the border, crossing in, returning the ball to the line, …

Defensive midfielder

The defensive midfielder is like the center of the team. This pair needs to make interceptions, move the ball from the bottom up, be responsible for connecting defense and attack.

A defensive midfield player will be responsible for intercepting, recovering the ball. The remaining player will have the role of controlling the ball rotation for the attack.

The factors needed to play well in this position are the ability to pass long, escape pressing, the ability to shoot from long distance accurately. The famous couple in this position is Kante – Pogba or Matic – Pogba.


The player playing in the position of a winger will have the task of breaking through, opening the way for the home team to perform attacking situations from the flanks or taking advantage of the space created by the opponent. The requirements of this position are flexibility and virtual competition, good penetrating technique from the two wings, and fast speed.

Striker plug

It is up to each coach how he wants to arrange such a player. It is possible that the striker is simply supporting his teammates, coordinating independently to fight, putting pressure on the opponent’s field.

The necessary conditions to play in the position of a striker are good physical strength, fast speed, fast, strong and accurate finishing technique. It is possible to arrange a striker with a physical advantage and a small striker to easily wriggle. This is the perfect pairing that makes the opponent difficult to compete.

How to use the 4-2-2-2 . formation

You can use the formation according to the following tactical scheme:

Diagram 4-2-2-2

The advantage of the 4-2-2-2 formation is that it is advantageous to attack in many ways. The position of LAM and RAM moves is quite diverse when it can work in the center or can run when needed. The tactical chart is balanced when the attacking striker is in harmony, RAM and LAM are responsible for controlling the opponent’s attacks from the positive line, while the CDM has a defensive role and passes the ball to the upper line to launch an attack.

Each position can be used flexibly. The position of the players affects the course of the match. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to arrange evenly so that the positions can cover each other and do not create holes.

General Strategy 4-2-2-2

General: Players need to be at 77 speed and pass the ball 67. Allow the players to move on the field flexibly.

Attack: To cross the ball at 57 helps the players to facilitate when the ice cuts and accelerates. The 17th shot gives the player more options when it comes to finishing.

Defensive: To be assertive at 37 to minimize the rush to make the center back out of control and create openings for the opponent to attack. And the amplitude you need to set at 57 to create an even distance, stand not too close together to move smoothly when defending.

In order for the squad to play effectively, two factors are needed: the calm from the coach and the top speed of the players. In addition, the coach needs to select players in positions that ensure the following conditions:

– The striker has a tall build, good speed and good air combat ability to catch the ball from teammates.

– The winger can be in good shape to participate in the defense, need to have excellent cross skills and speed.

– Central midfielders are responsible for attack and defense and need to be physically fit and able to pass the ball.

In a 4-2-2-2 formation, the central midfield role has a defensive and attacking role.

– Defensive midfielder must be a good defensive player with solid skills. These players make the defense more solid and combine strong counter-attacks.

– The central defender performs the task of contesting the ball, entering the ball well to be able to steal the ball from your team player.

– Defenders must be defensive, have good health and intelligence.

– Unlike some tactics, in formation 4-2-2-2 The goalkeeper does not hold an important position. However, it is advisable to choose a player with good catching ability, tall physique, and tough physical strength.

Suggest suitable pairs of players for the 4-2-2-2 . formation

– Matic- Modric: This pair of players can keep the rhythm between attack and defence. The next strong point is the two players with good ball control.

– Kante – Modric: The advantage of this pair is the ability to recover the ball and be strong in attacking. Besides, it is strong speed, flexible physical strength, ready to conquer all opponents. The two players are also very effective against the ball.

– Kante – Pogba: Players who are fans of the French team definitely cannot miss this pair of players.

– Matic – Pogba: Many MU fans will definitely choose Matic – Pogba. Two talented players.

Coaches use players in each position flexibly. Arrange the position of midfielder and defender harmoniously. With midfielders often active to coordinate the ball and participate in disputes with opponents. For defenders, the arrangement is too skewed, making it difficult for players to get up and down. Poor arrangement can create holes, creating conditions for opponents to attack.

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Pros and cons of this lineup

Each lineup has certain advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for the 4-2-2-2 formation. The advantages and disadvantages of this formation are:


Using the 4-2-2-2 strategy helps the squad have a diverse and flexible playing style, not being confined to a framework. The players who can freely cross the wing or fight in the air are great. With this strategy using 2 strikers and they can coordinate with each other smoothly without difficulty like when there is only 1 striker. Not only strong attack and defense is also very solid because there are 2 defensive midfielders who are always ready to support.

Besides, the ability to keep the ball of the squad will be improved. Create opportunities for players in the squad to have plenty of space to attack thanks to the outstanding speed of the strikers and midfield. The 4-2-2-2 formation emphasizes the player’s speed. Therefore, the ability to attack or contest the ball is very good.


Making the most of physical strength is easy to make players lose their strength.

When focusing on physical strength, there are also certain weaknesses. That’s when the player using his maximum speed is easy to lose strength in the second half of the match. Therefore, coaches need to have appropriate coordination, limit the use of fast runners and should only run when necessary.

This formation creates space in the midfield. If the opponent catches this hole, they will create long passes to the flanks. At this time, the midfielders rise, making the ability to retreat of the defense is reduced. To avoid this situation from happening, the players need to keep the ball firmly, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the opportunity to score as quickly as possible.

Each lineup has its own pros and cons. Therefore, coaches need to adjust their tactics accordingly. The speed of deploying the squad is fast and taking advantage of the counter-attack. When attacking, set up a formation to deploy the proposed gameplay. Rhythmic defense keeps pressure and formation at a moderate level.

What is needed to deploy a 4 – 2 – 2 – 2 . formation

To be able to effectively deploy this 4 – 2 – 2 – 2 formation, we need to meet 2 factors: the speed of the players and the composure of the coach.

Accordingly, 2 CDMs need to have speed to be able to attack and defend smoothly, filling the gap when the squad does not have CMs. In addition, the 4 players in the attack must always be in a state of “launching rockets” and must be sharp in running and choosing positions to be ready to receive the ball from the 2 CDMs.

In addition, the fast pace of attack will require the coach to stay calm and watch carefully on both large and small maps.

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Adjust the strategy so that it is reasonable?

The installation and setup of the squad will not be 100% the same because each person will have a different tactical mindset. Here are some suggestions for setting up the most optimal lineup of Korean pro gamers.

Deployment speed needs to be done quickly so that we can take advantage of quick counter-attacks with speed. Besides, this layout is also suitable for free pick play and makes it difficult for opponents to predict your cards.

In the attack part, we should also set up “Organization” to deploy the gameplay as planned earlier.

In the defensive part, applying pressure will make the center and rear space open a lot. Therefore, the best way is to keep the pressure and range of the squad at a medium level.

With the article on Keo8386 shared some information about formation 4-2-2-2. Surely you have accumulated more knowledge for yourself. How do you rate this squad? Please rate to let us know. Follow the next posts of Glue8386 for more good news.

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