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Mini football technique 5 people

Tactical techniques for kicking a 5-player field are probably no longer strange to those who are knowledgeable about football. However, many people still don’t understand, I will encapsulate for you in 3 main techniques: flapping – falling – releasing. Read below to understand and apply:

5 player mini football technique

Technique of mini pitching for 5 people

Flap is one of the classic mid lane hits of many famous football teams today. Applying for a 5-person yard with a tight spa chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất và làm đẹpce is very reasonable.


In case the ball is in the middle of the field, the player holding the ball will pass it to the player who is pressing the opponent’s defender. Imtruyền thôngtely after that, this player will run and receive the ball, launching a quick shot into the opponent’s goal.

Requirements: The patter is the player who passes to the backman and receives the ball in return. Need to pass accurately and observe quickly to run imtruyền thôngtely. Create mutations, receive the ball accurately and hit the shot to the opponent who can’t turn back.

In addition, the player who presses the pole well and has the technique of placing people, releasing the ball correctly, understanding the ideas of teammates is one of the minimum requirements required.

5 . pitch technique

The technique is sure to be less known to you if you rarely play 5-a-side mini-soccer tournaments. However, it is very easy to understand and has another way of calling it a fake shot. This is definitely a technique that almost anyone can apply. But how to use it to deceive the opponent?

How to do it: When in the opponent’s court you have the ball, you can perform the technique at any time, for personal use: push the ball lightly, about 30-50 cm away from the body toàn thân. Then use the gesture of pretending to shoot. At this point, up to 99% of the opponent’s players will react defensively: turn away, raise your foot to block, movements to prsự kiện your shot…. Imtruyền thôngtely, you perform a dribbling or finish technique. point otherwise, the success rate is extremely high.

5-a-side football technique

Release technique

It is one of the 5 player mini soccer techniques that is difficult to use and requires good personal skills. Includes 4 main movements: support, cover, set, release.

How to apply: Catch the ball – receive the ball from a teammate gently and must be neatly under control. Depending on the case, support the ball in different directions, especially the high ball. Then launch a volley shot with great force so that the ball hits the target.

The rule on the 5-a-side court is not to let the opponent touch you even if the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất và làm đẹpce is tight. Observe carefully and handle the ball neatly, do not be too cumbersome in techniques and then lose the ball.

Using the 5-a-side kicking technique is more difficult than on the 7th and 11th courts. Because the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất và làm đẹpce is narrow and the ball handling time is not much. The player will close very quickly if you are not paying attention. The winning percentage is higher for teams that know how to seize the opportunity, finish quickly and neatly, without cumbersome handling. Most of the goals come from short passes and the number of passes in a phase is small.

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5 man football tactics

Let your team win any opponent, in addition to the individual skills of each teammate. Then the whole team needs to have a reasonable strategy, diagram, and table. Not only helps individuals play well, but also makes all more united and stronger. Below, I will list for you five-man football tactical diagrams, famous formations that have been applied and extremely successful for any team.

P.yramid Strategy: 1-1-2 . Diagram

This is a tactic applied to strong teams who prefer to attack more. There will be 1 striker, 1 midfielder, 2 defenders. In which, the midfielder is the center – the soul of the team. Should choose the best soccer player in terms of skills and physical strength for this position:


  • Easy to win the ball and quick counterattack
  • Midfielder is the bridge to support the whole team
  • Direct attack, if the opposing team plays on the wing or has a weak defense, this is a huge advantage
  • Flexible midfielder with many positions on the field
  • There is always at least 1 defender. If both rise suddenly, surely the opponent will not be able to react.


  • Requires midfielder to be an excellent person, to attack on defense and have a good physical foundation. If the team is weak and applies this method, it is very difficult to win.
  • Defenders need to coordinate well with midfielders to create the best opportunities for attacking strikers

5-player mini football technique - 1-1-2 . diagram

Tactics of the Four P.illars of the Court: 2-2 2

This is a 5 field strategy or used in big matches. The squad will be divided into 2 areas of attack and defense. Each player will have a mission in the playing area. However, it still needs cohesion and support in times of danger.


  • With this tactic, the team plays better and moves easily between defense and attack, creating a balance for the whole team.
  • Coordination in the area is easy for the players.
  • Have time to practice, combine well and understand each other between the players
  • Create discipline as well as a sense of solidarity and support for teammates


  • The defense will have a lot of big spa chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất và làm đẹpce if 2 attacking players move forward.
  • Without a clear division of responsibility for each player, it will create situations of hesitation about whether to attack or defend.

5-player mini football technique - 2-2 . diagram

Black Diamond Tactics: Diagram 1-2-1

“Black Diamond” is one of the extremely famous 5-player football tactics and many teams have successfully applied it. This is called the best counter-attack defense tactic on a 5-player mini-court. Bringing the most harmony between the players on the field, balance between defense and attack.

A special feature in the 1-2-1 scheme is that there are up to 2 midfielders who will support attack and defense to meet all requirements in all cases.


  • It’s easy to attack and defend, teammates support each other better
  • There’s always a defender and a striker
  • The two midfield wings are more flexible, can change positions
  • The formation opens up 2 borders to create many different and more open passing directions


  • If two midfielders do not have the same physical strength and skills, it will be difficult to coordinate. If both tend to attack, the defense is very fragile and easily caught.
  • Applying this tactic, if you don’t move, it’s easy to break

mini 5-player football technique 1-2-1

The 3 tactics above are the most commonly used games, in addition, teams can also use other 5-player football tactical diagrams to apply flexibly. Do not apply a fixed formation, so the opponent is easy to catch.

How to defend in 5-a-side football

P.artial pressure personal defense

This defense is used most in futsal today. It is effective in most situations on the pitch and puts pressure on opponents all over the pitch. Because after the goalkeeper passes the ball, the ball cannot be returned to the goalkeeper unless it is passed over the midfield line.

When the opponent’s goalkeeper holds the ball, the two defenders stand at home in personal defense. When the opposing goalkeeper kicks the ball to the opposing defender, the focus should first be on the players holding the ball and not forgetting the player he is keeping. 1 player moves in front of the player holding the ball, in order to limit the opponent’s spa chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất và làm đẹpce. In any case, the players need to be ready to support their teammates.

Individual defense puts pressure on the whole field

After the goalkeeper kicks the ball for the opponent’s defender: Two players standing in the middle of the field will open the middle team and close the opponent’s defender. The player with the player with the ball should keep a safe distance, the other player prsự kiệns the support from the opponent’s teammate. This type of defense helps the key player to play very dynamic. This defense is very difficult to implement but should be used when the team’s technique is weaker than the opponent’s

How to defend in 5-a-side football

Area defense

The key point of this type of defense is that each player will be in charge of each area. This type of defense is more effective when playing in small and half-courts.

Defensive formation 2- 2: Before the opponent’s goalkeeper kicks the ball, the players stand in a square. The two top players should focus on locking the middle team to easily steal the ball and pass it to the key player. When the goalkeeper kicks the ball, the player near the ball needs to dispute, the other player retires to the middle of the field. 2 defenders move to form a trapezoidal formation. The players will promptly support each other in any position and always create cover for teammates. Disputing players will know who is behind them

3-1 formation defense: This is used when the opponent plays a 3-1 formation. Individual defensive defender with key players. Right winger with left wing, left winger with right wing, defensive players in diagonal or triangle.

The way to defend in 5-a-side football is to be flexible. All players should move more if the team is weaker than the opponent. Always need 1-2 defenders and strikers ready to step back to support teammates. Do not hold the ball for too long and use cumbersome techniques. If you have a chance, shoot it as soon as possible.

How to move and run in the field of 5 people

The way to run in 5-a-side football is something everyone needs to do. In 5-a-side football, the players need to choose their forte position to play. The team moved up and down smoothly. When you have the ball, watch and pass it to your teammates and then run into the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất và làm đẹpce, do not stand still in one position.

Example of movement: All formations return to the home court to wait for the ball to be played, following the opponent closely when they have the ball from home. When the opposing players come up, you need to move in front of the opponent’s eyes and lock the midfield. The defensive player standing near the ball will contest for the ball. The remaining players stand near the middle team and follow the opposing players closely. Two players behind individual defense, ready to support teammates and must have a player standing in the middle of the field and not forgetting to mark.

5-a-side football exercises

1, Toe Taps

2, Sole to sole – Inside

3, Sole to sole – Outside

4, Sole Drags

5, Fake Sole P.ass

6, Step – Over Cross

7, Behind The Leg

8, Round The Cones

5 player soccer exercises

P.ositions in 5-a-side football

Arrange the position of the 5-man field players according to the tactical diagram above in part 2.

Normally, there will be 3 main positions on the 5th field: Striker (1-2 players), Midfielders (1-2 or no players), Defender (1-2-3 players).

Above are details about all techniques, tactics, how to defend – run the best place in 5-a-side football that I want to share with you. P.lease read carefully, understand and apply imtruyền thôngtely to bring efficiency to your upcoming football match. If you find it interesting, then why not 1 like and share this post. Always follow and read football techniques, other football news at website: hanoifootball. Good luck!

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