NEW Lá số tử vi tuổi Quý Hợi năm 2020 Mậu Tuất (Nam mạng & nữ mạng)

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Horoscope of the Year of the Pig in the year 2020 of the Dog (Male & Female). The age of Quy Hoi born from February 13, 1983 to February 1, 1984 has the following general parameters: NETWORK: Dai Hai Thuy (large sea water). General: Chicks of the line: Black Emperor, Quan Loc, New Suffering. SAO: Thai Duong: Good luck, good reputation. TERM: Earth Hammock: Calculating, worrying. COLOR: Color box: Black, White; Color: Red, Green…

Leaf number Horoscope of the Year of the Pig in the year of the Year of the Dog

Horoscope of the Year of the Pig in the year 2020 of the Dog (Male & Female)

Details of the horoscope of the year of the pig in the year 2020 of the Year of the Dog

Work and Finance : This year you meet the star of Ke Do, your career will face many difficulties, obstacles, and difficulties to become yourself, you will also suffer from a serious illness, bring a scandal, the next star belongs to the metal planet, for you Thuy’s brother’s life, less damage, in luck.

With limited space, business as well as family life has many things to worry about, difficult to solve, mind many problems, not at peace.

Regarding the four pillars, with natural victory, birth and career, despite facing difficulties, overcoming, winning, plotting before and after, family, emotional as well as health despite some insecurities, are still stable. gold, wealth increase.

This year is not very suitable for young people, it is necessary to take advantage of time and opportunities to build fame, but this year signals a year of rest more than work, however, this is the future year. for comfort without worrying about the economy.

Conclusion: Combining the above factors, standing in terms of the five elements for interpretation, this year the Binh can belong to Duong, the five elements are in harmony with Thuy, the middle man is the Thai Vu, and the Thuy Van Thai Quy. For you, the life of Dai Hai Thuy, meeting Nam Thuy is very favorable, your career is very lucky, it is difficult to get help, and it is easy to succeed.

Around the middle of the year, the water is very prosperous, with more benefits, can conduct great master. A bad network star needs to prevent unforeseen problems, which can be easily disrupted, competition causes a lot of anxiety and work may be interrupted. Having very good fortune and having a good year, difficulties and obstacles in life are also easy to solve, thanks to merit, more effort. Can speak Year of the Pig in 2020 good luck, less luck, family and career will increase, it’s a pretty good year for you.

Gentlemen with age: Tan Dau (36 years old), Quy Hoi (Same age). Dinh Meo (30 years old), Ky Ty (28 years old). Horse with the ages of Nham Than (25 years old), Mau Dan (19 years old), Binh Dan (31 years old)

Emotional: in the year of the Hong festival, the couple’s life is very happy and there is good news that they have a baby. If you don’t have a family, this year you will probably meet your heart and soul, choose auspicious days and drink pink wine on both sides.

Health: This year Can chi is relatively good, healthy, less sick. However, the term has a plan to be positive, so it is necessary to prevent unlucky accidents

The itinerary for each month in 2020 of the Gui Hoi people.

January and February: Unfavorable work, poor fortune, a lot of wasted work
March: Road accident prevention. Disputed relations
April and May: Complicated words, work, many worries, difficult to solve.
June: Difficult but overcome, the situation changes for the better.
July and 8: Lots of luck in work, increased fortune. Happy family
September: Relationship born scandal. Conspiracy to make a scandal
October and 11: Many advantages, Will is easy to achieve, Fortune increases rapidly.
December: Family, happy feelings. Roadside accident prevention.

Born in Spring and Summer, struggling in life.
The new destiny is safe.
The old man is a fortune-teller, a stable base.
Lots of luck this year.
Prevention of disease, age has a part.

Horoscope of the Year of the Pig in 2020 Mau Tuat (Female Network):

1. See Horoscope 2020 year old Quy Hoi 1983 Female Mang about career path:

This year, you are screened by the Sun star, bringing a lot of luck in business, smart calculations, easy success, rapid increase in fame and fortune. Sun Sun belongs to the extremely strong Mars element, for your network of the year, you also need to worry about many things that are entangled.

Meeting with Dia Vong, the mind has many concerns and worries, which are detrimental to health. Year of the Yang Hoi Ngan, very good for mental and health, have time to rest, relax, put aside business calculations and completely redundant fortune.

Regarding the Four Pillars, with Heaven and Earth birth, damage to fame and fortune increases, even though there are some difficulties and obstacles, they can also be overcome. Family religion, love has many troubles, sickness, waste. Coordinating with the above factors, sided with Ngu Hanh to explain, for Miss, the aquatic life is somewhat damaged, expensive, often against the contrary, leading to damage to health and money. Around the middle of the year, there’s a lot of attrition, but it’s a decent attrition.

The star term is very good, the year is favorable, only the five elements of the year are somewhat disadvantaged. If you work at the Firm, the Workshop, even if it’s difficult, people will still help you, and your reputation will increase. If you have a commercial business, it is easy to gain great profits, and you will be lucky to do business. It is possible to develop a property, but worry a lot, but there will be great achievements.

This year, not necessarily favorable, favorable but still has positive achievements, is a relatively good year for the Lady. At Tieu Van Palace, there are Chemistry, Hy God bring a lot of luck, cure sickness, difficulties, happy life in many aspects from work to family.

In the screening, there were Guo Tu, Luc, Kinh, and the Lady alone shouldered the responsibility. It was difficult to avoid difficulties. However, the Lady still won because the same palace had Nhi Duc, Quan Phu, and Thieu Duong, proving that in addition to her wisdom and good calculation, she was supported by many people and overcame all obstacles.

Cung Menh has Thien Duc, Phuc Duc integrates, the will is easy to achieve, life is better, there is no adversarial condition that is not resolved. This is by virtue of your grace. Should do more good deeds, the more powerful the saving power of the good spirits is promoted, the greater the victory. Cung Tai Bach, although having a great drain, has to spend a lot of money, but having a Lu Dong Cung, there will be many opportunities to create money easily, there will be a lot of accumulation.

2. Horoscope Quy Hoi Street of Love

This year, life is full of joy. With Song Hy entering the term, if you have a husband, your life will be more warm, join hands to build a home. This year, if you have the opportunity, you can break ground on the construction or renovation of houses and land. The term has Khoi, Viet, Van Tinh, obedient children, certificates of merit or degrees in studying. If you want to have more children, you will be satisfied, but this year, giving birth to a baby in the year of the Goat will not be good, because it will affect and lead to the family being prone to conflict and discord.

This year’s horoscope has Peach Blossom, Lady is a person with an underground predestined relationship, even though she has a husband and children, there are still people who want to be close. All relationships with other people need to be transparent to avoid scandal, both reducing prestige and causing confusion in the family, instability of husband and wife, and life that leads to problems and disagreements.

Friendship should also be limited, with Thien not entering Limit, easy to be taken advantage of by bad friends. This year, fame and talent are on the rise, so they should be more cautious and easily misunderstood or ridiculed because of jealousy. There are Hoa Loc mat and save, there are also times when money is abundant, but there are Dai Tieu Hao who enter the term, money goes to the right hand to the left hand. If you are not careful, you can get into trouble.

For single ladies, this year, the relationship is prosperous and there is a chance to meet someone who is “with good intentions”. You are wise enough to comment, but don’t be so confident that you make a mistake.

3. Horoscope of the Year of the Pig Female Network 2020 about Health:

This year, Sao drought is quite good, health is abundant, but need to take care of the eyes, may be sore, swollen. With the term Earth hammock, the heart often calculates anxiety, easily weakens the stomach, and upsets the digestive tract.

4. Detailed horoscope 2020 year old Quy Hoi Female Network:

Spring: January & 2: The work is difficult and hindered by people. Many worries. The results are not satisfactory. March: There is a good opportunity, so seize it in time. Positive fortune.

Summer: April & 5: Great benefits need disaster prevention. Wealth comes in and out. Be careful in relationships. June: Many advantages. Wealth increases. Conspiracy easy.

Autumn: July & 8: The job is difficult. Health is erratic. Waste of energy and money. September: Having the opportunity to get help from relatives to achieve good results. Be careful with documents and records.

Winter: October & 11: Work is not as expected. Loss of fortune. The family is in trouble. December: Many advantages. More work, increased fortune. Room car accident.

5. See the lifetime horoscope of the year of the Pig 1983:

  • The Lady of the Year of the Pig is a straightforward person, quite hot-tempered but kind, and easily touched when she meets someone who speaks sweetly. On the outside, he is meek but on the inside he is stubborn, conservative and has many prejudices. Therefore, business encounters more enemies than you, few people who cooperate sincerely.
  • Being a confident, enthusiastic person in work, meeting the right time is also easy to achieve great success. But because they are used to being assertive, they do not listen to advice, so they often fail. Born in the autumn and winter, the day is favorable, life has a lot of luck, family religion is warm, fame and career are less prone to ups and downs, flourishing according to age.
  • Paradoxical error, difficult love, life has to undergo many changes. However, in any situation, the lady only suffers in her heart, but her body is less miserable.

6. Copy of term, age is compatible with the age of Quy Hoi 1983:

This year, Lady’s Horoscope is influenced by the following stars: Tieu Van has: Hy Than, Hoa Khoa, Triet, Hong Loan, Nguyet Duc, Tu Phu … Chieu has: Thien Hy, Truc Phu, Fruit Tu, Kinh Duong, Hoa Loc, Thien Duc, Phuc Duc, Quan Phu, Kiep Kill, Da La, Peach Blossom, Thien Kho… Tru, Long Duc, Dieu Guest, Dai Hao, Duong Phu, Thien Viet, Co Than…

OFFER TERM: Every month, at 9:00 p.m., on the 27th day of the lunar calendar, using 12 lamps, the scent of camellia flowers as an offering, facing the East, and making a vow.

You match with people of the age of Quy Hoi (34 years old), Tan Dau (36 years old), Nham Tuat (35 years old); It is incompatible with the age of Canh Than (37 years old), Dinh Ty (40 years old), Mau Ngo (39 years old).

Opening, accepting jobs, leaving should choose even hours, even days, even months will be more convenient.

DEPARTMENT: On the first day of Tet from 7 to 9 am (local time). Go to the North to pick up God’s talent.

In general, from the stars of fortune, the five elements to the horoscope, this year is more or less good or bad, having the ability to build houses, land, and all great things can be carried out. Of course, “big boat, big waves” It is difficult for you to avoid worries and expenses, but in return, you will be successful on the road to fame, career building, creating a happy and prosperous family. Remember, even if you have talent and luck, if you don’t have Germany, the results will be difficult to preserve in the long run. Therefore, if you plan to do anything, you should think about people’s interests, your own interests, and your career will increase quickly.

After following the above horoscope of the Year of the Pig in the year 2020 of the Year of the Dog above, surely you of this age know in detail how your destiny will change in the coming year and how to limit it. bad luck. Wish the people of the year of the Pig have a peaceful and happy year and always accompany to update more useful information.

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