VIDEO Aalia (알리아) – Is This Love | Vincenzo OST Part. 5 (빈센조) MV

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Aalia (알리아) – Is This Love | Vincenzo OST Part. 5 (빈센조) MV

Is This Love – Aalia (알리아)


Is this real
Is this real
What I’m feeling deep inside
How can I hide
When it’s everywhere
Every little breath
I take I feel
I didn’t cause
I didn’t call
Can’t deny
That it’s been out of my hand
A blue bird in my heart
why do you try to get it out
it’s sad
it’s sad to know you
don’t take out my blue bird
it only knows how to stay dark
don’t spoil
it shouldn’t hurt no more
have I ever
have i ever
touched your soul
like you have
How can I hide
When it’s everywhere
Every little breath I take I feel
I didn’t cause
I didn’t call
Can’t deny
That it’s been out of my hand
it’s wild as the ocean
that I only knew how to watch
not to have one as my emotion
the voice that calms me
that only embraces me
hmm hmm
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42 thoughts on “VIDEO Aalia (알리아) – Is This Love | Vincenzo OST Part. 5 (빈센조) MV”

  1. i feel like the first part of the song is Vincenzo's feelings that he is trying to contain inside "a blue bird in my heart, why do you try to get it out?" and "don't take out my blue bird it only knows how to stay dark"

    meanwhile Cha-young's emotion is the second part of the song, as if the lines "It's wild as the ocean
    That I only knew how to watch. Not to havе one as my emotion" is her watching Vincenzo and being aware that watching is all she can do.

  2. i mean, they should make season 2 it's impossible to just have zero communication after this while she is keeping his gold bars and literally sleeping on them lol

    also i must add that i feared him so much after they killed his mother.

  3. Just my personal interpretation of this song (and a desperate try to get over this couple :'):

    Vin and Chayeong began mainly as business partners who have the same enemy and then, with time, their relationship evolved into a good friendship.
    At some point, however, it became clear that they developed something that went beyond a normal friendship – something they felt "deep inside", but couldn't name exactly.
    The subtle process of them falling for each other wasn't part of their plan and happened completely unintentionally – thus, the lyrics "I didn't cause, I didn't call".
    Still, they can't restrain themselves – it's "out of their hand" that their feelings are growing stronger. They can't be denied nor hidden anymore.
    The "blue bird" could be a metaphor for their love for one another whilst also symbolizing sadness and nostalgia (bc of the color).
    Vin and Chayeong are longing to be closer to each other, but they are well aware of the heartbreaking truth that they can never be truly together as they live in two seperate worlds.
    The line "why do you try to get it (the blue bird) out" refers to their unrealistic, but relatable wish to overcome the distance between the two of them which they know they can't.
    Their love is meant to be cherished in their hearts – that's why it's both sad and beautiful that they've met.

  4. Here's what broke me: When in the early part of the drama cha young ask vincenzo if he ever killed someone, he lies and say no, then he ask what she would think of him if he was that kind of person. Cha young replies that she would still speak to him but it would feel like if they belonged to two very different worlds, and that Vincenzo would appear to her like a painting to watch from far away. When at the art gallery Vincenzo says "war and art are supposed to be looked from far away". He repeats this in the last episode. Finally, when Vincenzo is leaving after the kiss, cha young looks at him from far away just like she was looking at the painting just some moments before. He appears between two walls, the music change to a melancholic melody, then he disappear. They belong to two completely different worlds. She is a lawyer in Korea and he is a criminal hiding in Malta. What broke me about his drama and I thought was just perfect is this bitter sweet ending.

  5. Let me tell you I’m a guy and Through my 6 months of watching Kdrama I’ve seen bunch of really good actors. At times I wish I was like them because I envy them so much. The first was Ji chang wook in The K2, Second Hyun bin in CLOY, then Lee min ho in City hunter, then Song Joong ki in DOTS and Vincenzo. I love all 4 but there’s something about Ji chang wook and Song Joong ki’s characters that made them so like able there backstory, confidence, and there badass scenes. I think that’s one of the reasons I really loved K2, Healer, DOTS, and Vincenzo

  6. I'm curious about Chayoung's character and her childhood and it would be interesting to hear her inner monologue more to do with Vincenzo because outwardly she shows up as a woman who completely dedicates herself to her job.


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