VIDEO All 60 Disney Animation Films Ranked Part 3 (Top 20 Disney Films)

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All 60 Disney Animation Films Ranked Part 3 (Top 20 Disney Films)

It’s taken me 11 months, but I’ve finally watched all 60 Disney animation films in the year 2021! Here are my picks for the 20 best Disney Animation films.

This is part 3 of a 3 part series ranking all 60 Disney Animation films.


1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs December 21, 1937
2 Pinocchio February 7, 1940
3 Fantasia November 13, 1940
4 Dumbo October 23, 1941
5 Bambi August 13, 1942
6 Saludos Amigos February 6, 1943
7 The Three Caballeros February 3, 1945
8 Make Mine Music April 20, 1946
9 Fun and Fancy Free September 27, 1947
10 Melody Time May 27, 1948
11 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad October 5, 1949
12 Cinderella March 4, 1950
13 Alice in Wonderland July 26, 1951
14 Peter Pan February 5, 1953
15 Lady and the Tramp June 16, 1955
16 Sleeping Beauty January 29, 1959
17 One Hundred and One Dalmatians January 25, 1961
18 The Sword in the Stone December 25, 1963
19 The Jungle Book October 18, 1967
20 The Aristocats December 24, 1970
21 Robin Hood November 8, 1973
22 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh March 11, 1977
23 The Rescuers June 22, 1977
24 The Fox and the Hound July 10, 1981
25 The Black Cauldron July 24, 1985
26 The Great Mouse Detective July 2, 1986
27 Oliver & Company November 18, 1988
28 The Little Mermaid November 17, 1989
29 The Rescuers Down Under November 16, 1990
30 Beauty and the Beast November 22, 1991
31 Aladdin November 25, 1992
32 The Lion King June 24, 1994
33 Pocahontas June 23, 1995
34 The Hunchback of Notre Dame June 21, 1996
35 Hercules June 27, 1997
36 Mulan June 19, 1998
37 Tarzan June 18, 1999
38 Fantasia 2000 December 17, 1999
39 Dinosaur May 19, 2000
40 The Emperor’s New Groove December 15, 2000
41 Atlantis: The Lost Empire June 15, 2001
42 Lilo & Stitch June 21, 2002
43 Treasure Planet November 27, 2002
44 Brother Bear November 1, 2003
45 Home on the Range April 2, 2004
46 Chicken Little November 4, 2005
47 Meet the Robinsons March 30, 2007
48 Bolt November 21, 2008
49 The Princess and the Frog December 11, 2009
50 Tangled November 24, 2010
51 Winnie the Pooh July 15, 2011
52 Wreck-It Ralph November 2, 2012
53 Frozen November 27, 2013
54 Big Hero 6 November 7, 2014
55 Zootopia March 4, 2016
56 Moana November 23, 2016
57 Ralph Breaks the Internet November 21, 2018
58 Frozen II November 22, 2019
59 Raya and the Last Dragon March 12, 2021
60 Encanto November 24, 2021

The Disney Golden Age
The Disney Wartime Era
The Disney Silver Age
The Disney Bronze Age
The Disney Renaissance
The Disney Post-Renaissance
The Disney Revival Era


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This video contains Sean Chandler Talks About’s ranking of every Disney animation film. This is part 3. So it features the 20 best Disney films.


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35 thoughts on “VIDEO All 60 Disney Animation Films Ranked Part 3 (Top 20 Disney Films)”

  1. My Top 10 Favorite Disney Movies
    1. Encanto – The characters was funny and the musical sequences was great and perfect. The animation and the plot justs makes this movie delightful. Mirabel is one of those Disney characters that stands up to themselves against rude parents and grandparents.

    2. Aladdin – Let’s all admit, you guys loved this ever since as a kid. I loved it so much every since I watched it. Robin Williams’s role was the reason why this movie is one of the best Disney movies. The characters were fun and entertaining and Jafar is one of my favorite Disney villains.

    3. Wreck-It Ralph – I thought this movie was gonna be mediocre like The Black Cauldron and Pocahontas but this movie was fun to watch. The animation was fantasic and the characters were so funny especially when Fix It Feliz made chemistry with Calhoun. This movie shows about a bad guy wanting to do the good things which is good.

    4. The Lion King – The greatest Disney animated film ever, all of the musical sequences were great and enjoyable. Timon and Pumbaa were full of comedy and every scene is super iconic. Scar is one of the best Disney villains because of his evilness and his death was satisfying.

    5. Bambi – The visuals were great and the animation was amazing and stunning. It shows about a deer living in a forest and about the nature. It also shows about how killing animals is tragic, just think about the “Colors of the Wind” sequence from Pocahontas.

    6. The Great Mouse Detective – This movie just talks about police and criminals. Basil is undoubtedly the most intelligent Disney character ever due to his science experiments, his technique to save him, Dawson and Olivia from Ratigan’s trap and the main title is perfect. The plot just makes this movie higher for me and the battle between Basil and Ratigan is my favorite.

    7. Mulan – This movie is different than the other Disney classics. It talks about a woman saving her own country from a evil army which makes this movie great. Mushu is probably one of the hilarious sidekicks ever and the songs were great like “I’ll Make A Man Outta You and Reflection”.

    8. Fantasia – The Disney movie that features classical music and the Nutcracker Suite was entertaining. Chernabog is my favorite Disney villain of all time and it just features one of the most memorable Mickey Mouse shorts. One segment shows hoe dinosaurs lived before the extinction.

    9. Beauty and the Beast – I love the chemistry between Belle and the Beast, the musical score was greatly written and I loved the background choir. The side characters were great, the animation is stunning and the narrative romance makes this movie has the best development of romance.

    10. Alice in Wonderland – All of the scenes makes this movie dizzy and weird which makes me love this movie. The characters were fantastic and it shows Alice being curious and adventuring a whole new world and was not afraid to stand up to herself.

  2. I was just watching this video a second time, and during the Peter Pan segment, Sean says 'Indians'. Being an actual Indian (a person from India), and knowing how that term is not particularly good for talking about Native Americans, it sounded very awkward. But I'm willing to assume that Sean was not having any malice when he said that, and take it as just a mistake. I'm not mad Sean, but it sounded awkward.

  3. My Top 20

    #1. Aladdin
    2. Beauty and the Beast
    3. Hercules
    4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    5. The Little Mermaid
    6. The Rescuers Down Under
    7. Pinocchio
    8. Wreck it Ralph
    9. The Lion King
    10. Lilo and Stitch
    11. The Sword in the Stone
    12. Sleeping Beauty
    13. The Princess and the Frog
    14. Frozen
    15. Peter Pan
    16. Fantasia
    17. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    18. 101 Dalmatians
    19. Bolt
    20. Moana

  4. My top 10 would look like:

    10. The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad (for the sake of putting a War time era movie; tho i really do love it)
    9. Big Hero 6
    8. The Emperor's New Groove
    7. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    6. Aladdin
    5. Frozen (just for its groundbreaking pop culture influence)
    4. The Lion King
    3. Pinocchio
    2. Beauty and the Beast
    1. Fantasia

  5. My top 20 but in no particular order:

    The Great Mouse Detective
    The Sword in the Stone
    Sleeping Beauty
    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Big Hero 6
    Beauty and the Beast
    The Lion King
    Robin Hood
    The Rescuers
    The Aristocats
    One Hundred and One Dalmatians
    Lilo and Stitch
    Wreck-It Ralph

  6. Great work! These were fun to watch, thank you for doing all these. My favorites are Mulan, 101 Dalmations, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Aladdin is pretty solid, I like The Great Mouse Detective too. I was never a fan of Frozen, felt pretty generic to me, love the twist villain though. Nice to see Atlantis high, I have a friend who loves that one. Your clips of karaoke made me smile.

  7. I really like your list! Here’s my personal ranking of absolute favorites:

    20. The Black Cauldron
    19. Hunchback of Notre Dame
    18. Tarzan
    17. Emperor’s New Groove
    16. Ichabod & Mr. Toad
    15. Great Mouse Detective
    14. The Jungle Book
    13. Robin Hood
    12. Rescuers Down Under
    11. Wreck-It-Ralph
    10. The Lion King
    9. Princess and the Frog
    8. Hercules
    7. Beauty and the Beast
    6. Fantasia
    5. Aladdin
    4. Snow White
    3. Mulan
    2. The Little Mermaid
    1. Sleeping Beauty

  8. I don’t think you’ve done this before but it could be fun reviewing, ranking, or comparing the Disney and the non Disney remake of classic stories such as Peter Pan vs hook vs 2003 live action Peter Pan. Or Pinocchio vs 1996 the adventures of Pinocchio

  9. The lion king always makes me cry, such a masterpiece movie. Same with the fox and the hound too in my opinion. Both my top favourite Disney movies that always make me cry but they’re so good 😭

  10. The lion king is definitely my number 1 favourite Disney movie and one of my favourite movies of all time. Such a classic and always so good. I even love the 2019 remake too, the original is still the best but the 2019 remake is still good and beautiful

  11. Yes i am including Pixar
    20. Beauty and the beast
    19. Return to neverland
    18. Lion king
    17. Peter Pan
    16. Mulan
    17. Moana
    16. 101 Dalmatians
    15. Little mermaid
    14. Tangled
    13. Zootopia
    12. Alice in wonderland
    11. Jungle Book
    10. Aristocats
    9. Robbin Hood
    8. Oliver and Company
    7. Toy Story
    6. Luca
    5. Aladdin
    4. Frozen
    3. Frozen 2
    2. Princess and the frog
    1. Encanto

  12. My Top 20:

    20: 101 Dalmatians
    19: Raya and the Last Dragon
    18: Treasure Planet
    17: The Fox and the Hound
    16: The Hunchback of Norte Dame
    15: Mulan
    14: Frozen II
    13: The Princess and the Frog
    12: Lilo and Stitch
    11: Wreck-It Ralph
    10: Beauty and the Beast
    9: The Little Mermaid
    8: Hercules
    7: Moana
    6: Aladdin
    5: The Emperor’s New Groove
    4: Zootopia
    3: Frozen
    2: Tangled
    1: The Lion King

  13. I genuinely agree that Frozen 2 was better than Frozen. Frozen tried very hard th make a statement, so it felt kind of forced and contrived. Frozen 2 didn’t have a strong plot, but the atmosphere and ending felt very natural and calming to me.


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