VIDEO KungFu vs Karate

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KungFu vs Karate

There are several kinds of martial arts forms, and Kung Fu and Karate stand out as two of the most popular in the world. To the untrained eye, Kung Fu and Karate might look the same, no thanks to the thousands of martial arts movies that have graced our screens over the past decades.

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Narrator: Tysmithvoice
Researcher/Writer: Emekaekwurube
Video Editor: Raljon

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42 thoughts on “VIDEO KungFu vs Karate”

  1. In Brief:

    The narrator made some errors.. Karate is not native to Japan, this is true, however, In Okinawa it was known as Tode ( Tuide ), Te and spelled with the characters indicating its Chinese origins, " Tang Shu" (China Hand). History shows that Okinawa shared much with China Culturally. Though demonstrations of Te given in Japan in the early part of the last century were successful, To-Te could not be recognised by the Dai Nippon Butokukai as a; "Japanese Martial Art".. This problem was overcome by Several early Pioneers, notably Funakoshi O'Sensei a proponent of Shuri-Te ( known today as Shotokan) who through his Friendship with Kano O'Sensei ( Founder of Judo) instituted a Belt and Ranking System borrowed from Judo coupled with a more militaristic training and educational regime. In the 1930's the formal change of To-te to Karate came to be.

  2. People never understand that kung fu doesn’t just mean “nInJa FIgHtiNg DanCe” kung fu literally means “expert level” kung fu isn’t a martial art it’s literally just a translation kung fu actually has good fighters it’s not all those animal style or Bruce Lee kicking bullshit you don’t always have to use weird ass dance cha cha and elbow movements

  3. The title is inappropriate and contradictory because karate has its origins in Shaolin monasteries. Now everyone knows when and how the Chinese Hand or Ti from Okinawa came to Japan and became modern karate. Modern karate will soon be 100 years old. Okinawan Ti styles are about 300-400 years old. Shaolin traces its lineage back to 400 AD when Damo came to these lands and founded a monastery. Shaolin is a great-grandfather, Ti is a grandchild, karate is a great-grandchild.

  4. I don’t fight like a Middle Eastern man. I fight like an Asian woman. I took martial art class in Chicago. Magdalena I can fight you, bleed you if you did not make white clothes heavey.

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  6. Small correction
    Kung fu isn't 7000 years old. World's oldest martial art is kalaripayattu, originating in India. Kung fu was founded by the great indian sage Bodhidharma who went to China to establish the Shaolin monastery.

  7. understand what you are talking about before opening mouth..

    90-95% martial aarts stars are peking opera trained wushu is more the sport form of kungfu

    Shoalin is more the monk style of kung fu..

    What is taught today vs what was taught 300+ years ago is vastly 2 different things

  8. Downvoted solely for lack of research and the bullshit "PC" answer. Two fighters of equal fitness and endurance… Karate will win almost EVERY time. The more straight forward way of fighting wins every time. While the kung fu student is trying to circle motion crane style counter lock arm-snap like sensei taught them… very slowly… and only demonstrating when punching slowly/softly and ONLY straight punches while waiting for the counter… the karate guy has pulled his arm out of the way (easy to do) and punched them in the face a couple of times.

    And don't try to say "Oh, but I would instead use Baghwa circle fighting to confuse the opponent and then gently lift their leg from under them (under the flawed assumption that they're LETTING you and standing still and not throwing punches)… hush. No. You won't. You never will. I've seen those movies too, just like the creator of this video. In a fight, you will NOT do the rehearsed scripted stuff. People will NOT be throwing just wildass haymakers at you. And in a fight with someone? You're going to panic. You're going to get mad. Both of you are. You're going to forget your "training" and swing just as wildly as them, the very first time you take a punch to the head and learn that martial arts are an "art", and barely martial at all. The "martial" comes from the strength training and dedication to fitness, and that's how martial artists win fights. They're in better shape, and it has SO little to do with their "techniques".

    In the end, if you want to choose the "style" that will win you the most fights, talk to the instructor first and foremost. See who has the best training and fitness regimen. Learn a martial art for the hobby, to get into shape, learn discipline and self-control/self-confidence. Do what is fun and makes you into your best self. If you INSIST on learning a martial art exclusively to kick ass?

    … Learn boxing.

    Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

  9. if u guys truthy want to understand the history and the skills of Kong Fu or Karate. Do me a favor don't watch video about it. Instead read books from famous martial artist u think is good or read some ancient scroll that was published into books and find out yourself, just let u know most of the ancient scroll are in Chinese or Japanese.

    Kong Fu
    Wing Chun Kong Fu by IP Chun and Michael
    Striking Thoughts Bruce Lee
    Shaolin: Temple of Zen

    Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts Volume 1
    Let the Kata Be Your Teacher: A Guide to the Ancient Karate Forms: Tang Soo Do and Goju-Ryu Ronik Gupta
    The Book of Five Ring by Miyamoto Musashi


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