VIDEO Marvel's Shang-Chi Insane Weekend Box Office Numbers Revealed

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Marvel's Shang-Chi Insane Weekend Box Office Numbers Revealed

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28 thoughts on “VIDEO Marvel's Shang-Chi Insane Weekend Box Office Numbers Revealed”

  1. Uhave2 watch it in
    ULTRA AVX theater for the
    SOUNDSYSTEM..its just
    AMAZING!!!! i rate this
    8/10..only because iht
    it was shortmovie for a
    2hours 20minutes….&
    also they didn't show their
    MOM fighting all them
    Bad gangsters B4 she was
    Murdered by all of them…. was like,what?!
    15men against 1woman!??
    Overall,SHANG CHI is the
    Greatest 2021 summer movie..way better than
    SnakeEyes(gi joe origins)
    & among some other
    2021 summer movies

  2. Looks like Shang-chi is a flop. They lost China who banned them which would of made them 600M. They only made 175M worldwide in 8 days, sucks for them if the rumored cost to make it was 300 million.

  3. Anybody else notice that perpetual MCU cry babies like YoungRippa has nothing to say now that Shang Chi proved them wrong in terms of box office returns and movie quality?

  4. Black Widow got about the same numbers AND also got money from premium streaming. They're going to be losing money by not havintg the streaming. Next week there will be a huge dropoff. Maybe not quite as much as Black Widow, but not enough to offset the money lost from not doing streaming.

  5. It's a martial arts film in a western theater lull of the genre (aside from the great casting, and the MCU effect), so it stands out significantly different from any other movie. I think the bigger gamble will be Eternals. Unless you're an avid comic fan you either don't know who they are,. I mean I'll see it, but I'm always wary of any movie with a lot of big stars in it.

  6. Haven’t seen this yet, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, even from the weirdo haters. Now let’s see if it has legs like black panther. Not gonna like though, it’s gonna be kinda hard to have legs like black panther.

  7. The reason why blackwidow failed is because people who would of payed to rewatch it in theatre watched it at home for free because you pay once to watch it with premier access and also people who would of watched it in theatres pirated the film

  8. Wow I did not expect this film to make any thing in a pandemic. Not to mention he is a obscure character that has not gotten much promotion over the years. Also after what happened with Black Widow I was thinking maybe a 10-20 million opening at best.

  9. The movie is actually a good story with no big agenda other than to entertain and have fun. As it should be.
    It is unique to have a Asian majority cast…but the story is mostly about a Asian family anyway. It’s rare to see,
    but over all story does’t seem to push more than its own tale. You can tell the cast had a blast making the movie.
    And that attracts audiences.


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