VIDEO Marvel's Shang-Chi Saves MCU Cinema & Box Office Discussion

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Marvel's Shang-Chi Saves MCU Cinema & Box Office Discussion

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29 thoughts on “VIDEO Marvel's Shang-Chi Saves MCU Cinema & Box Office Discussion”

  1. Holy shit guys, you had me laughing out loud in my car several times during this particular video. Love all the support and the clear messaging for diversity and equality. Keep laughing off the haters.

  2. Shang Chi strategy, Simu Liu performance. the biggest sleeper of Marvel all time. an unknown comes gets 90 % Rotton Tomatoes, top 10 all time origin story. no one can take this away from the Shang Chi team.

  3. Disney didnt screw them on the back end like they did Scarlet Johanson with the Widow. I watched Black Widow on Disney+ so benefitted but could have certainly waited a month or two. I might watch Shang Chi in a theater, trying to find a very early empty theater showing cause their is still a pandemic raging.

  4. I'm glad the movie did well. Shang-Chi deserves it. As a father of two young children who are not old enough to watch this yet and who doesn't have anyone who could watch them for me I guess I'll wait the 40 whatever days until I can watch it… Would have gladly paid the $30 to watch it on disney+.


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