VIDEO Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – 1 Month Later

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – 1 Month Later

The idea behind the Z Fold 3 is simple: you get a smartphone that unfolds into a tablet. I’ve been using the Z Fold 3 for a little over a month now and this is my experience with Samsung’s most luxurious foldable smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – 1 Month Later!

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42 thoughts on “VIDEO Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – 1 Month Later”

  1. As always a great 👍 video I have the Z flip 3 & I love it specially using it as a selfie trypod & the crees don't bother me battery life not bad is OK but I also have the S21 Ultra to compensate for battery and etc on both great smartphone. I'm going to wait, & see how's the S22 Ultra is going to be & I will also wait for the Galaxy Z fold 4 cos I really like the Z fold 3, so I might get the Z Fold 4 eventually in 2022 or the s22 Ultra ok cheers for your great review of the, Fold 3, after 1 month of use peace ✌

  2. Nice reviews just the camera part I had to say it Samsung marketing stradegy to keep their others flagship sell too and the target here is to sell more phones of course. Why samsung never put S-pen in S model and instead they keep it seperate with Note so they can sell more phones of course. It keep consumers from one to the others feature while maintenaince 3 flagship models instead of just 1. $1800 doesn't mean everyting should be top of the line in 1 bundle but more likely consumers are paying for research and development.

  3. Finally tried this out in a shop today. My god the crease is horrendous to me. Picks up so many reflections and feels way worse than I expected. I won't be buying one of these until they sort that out.

  4. Hey Thao. Rarely do I subscribe to anyone after seeing one (1) video. In your case I did. Having seen dozens of Fold reviews, you covered exactly what we all want to hear from a neutral party. The crease. The batt. life. The weight. Cams. Usefulness. S-Pen. More crease.
    Good honest review, not afraid to be critical, not repeating facts. Thanks, you've been invaluable in the choice I'll make. Thank you and I'll stayed tuned in. Btw, I'm a lizard and found you by instinct. Cya later girl.

  5. I really wanted to buy but camera should be best because samsung is charging higest price for this i was expecting screen creze better but guyz check hawai mate 2 how they made with perfect screen ratio not narrow same like normal phone perfect best hardware in foldable but its not available in usa market and if someone imports its cost like 5thousnd dollar which is a lot more. But perfect device samsung should learn from them.


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