VIDEO Shang-Chi – Good Ideas, Bad Writing

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Shang-Chi – Good Ideas, Bad Writing

Ideas are great, but too many of them can sink your story if you’re not careful, and Shang-Chi falls victim to the curse of trying to do too much in one movie, losing sight of what matters most. Join me for my in-depth breakdown and review.
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34 thoughts on “VIDEO Shang-Chi – Good Ideas, Bad Writing”

  1. I actually disagree with Critical Drinker. I really enjoyed this movie. Never cringed and I was looking for cringe worthy moments. But damn I loved this movie. It's like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon had a baby with Spiderman.🕷🐉🐅

  2. Katy is not Shang Chi’s girlfriend. They’re platonic friends and honestly I cannot see them become a couple they don’t have romantic chemistry. I myself enjoyed the movie I didn’t think it was woke. When most marvel movies are the same I actually enjoyed Shang Chi. It’s something fresh and new.

  3. The story and concept is pretty cool. They use chinese mythology animals with magic and kung fu and created an universe of it which is pretty coool but the narrative and execution is horrible. U kept on jumping between present and past, its pretty distracting. Not saying its a bad thing its just not done well. Also the part where shang chi had to refind himself only took like mayb 10mins of the film. Unlike black widow the whole film is about finding herself and rediscovering herself bits by bits. It is poorly built up and felt rushed. Like the movie is really badly done and does not live up to Marvel standards. If they rearrange the narrative and maybe build up more on shangchis epiphany then it will be a great movie.

  4. Good criticism, yet I still enjoyed this one. You are correct that there's absolutely no chemistry with Akwafina. I was trying to put my finger on why she is not right in this. I struggle to come up with a male lead with whom she would have good chemistry with.

  5. in the end when the credits were over there was a scene where Bruce banner aka Hulk analyzed the rings how old they are etc, by analyzing it he activated something lika a signal (probably aliens dunno to make a shang chi 2 or something) and the strong female chracter nr 2 is now the boss of the 10 rings that was it, the movie was a 4 out of 10 in my opinion.

  6. you lost me with the "strong female character" comments and stuff. this isn't one of your best constructive review video so far, I hope you go past through that "phase" on whatever youre on to women in this movie that you kinda easily get triggered to a point it was little unbearable to watch half of this video.

  7. It was one of worst movie i ever saw, the story, the action all that look like 1980s. Basically its 1980 chinese kung fu movie, nothing to do with avengers. Everything in this movie was just so bad, cheesy and actors were just bad.

  8. I think Simu Liu needed a better direction because there were so many times in this movie I didn't know what he was feeling. When he talked about killing his father he looked a little annoyed and the moment he saw that dragon creature he looked nothing.

  9. I actually enjoyed this film as a fun kung fu movie. As a marvel film it was pretty poor – who was the super hero? It is way too bloated, the sister thread just felt pointless – what did it actually add to the plot apart from a massive box tick. We had the family drama with the dad… the sister added nothing. Its almost as if they put that story thread in just to get the divisive comments…. mind boggling.


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