VIDEO Spider-Man: No Way Home | Official Trailer

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Spider-Man: No Way Home | Official Trailer

We started getting visitors… from every universe. Watch the official trailer for #SpiderManNoWayHome, Exclusively At Cinemas December 15.
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22 thoughts on “VIDEO Spider-Man: No Way Home | Official Trailer”

  1. OMG, just realised Tom's spidey suit doesnt have blue in the palm of the glove but Andrews' does, when you see the scene where he reaches out to save MJ- the glove of the suit is the same as Andrews!

  2. You're thinking the fast man to have died in The Avengers. You guys make a new movie with a new hero to the Fast Man, like Spider-Man.
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٣ ص] محمد: If he thinks it's a good idea.
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٤ ص] محمد: Add likes
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٥ ص] محمد: Talk about it.
    [١٦/‏٨ ٦:٠٦ ص] محمد: Because Marvel Studio can see it

  3. No Doc Ock cannot be a good guy as he is shown in the beginning of the trailer. It might be like in the animated series when electro strikes on Spider-Man but Spider-Man dodges his lightning and doc ock accidently gets hits by that lightning so he falls off the building. When the three Spidey's defeat electro sandman and lizard he comes up the building either with green goblin or by himself to handle the three Spidey's. And this theory can also be in the movie that when he comes up the building He sees Tobey because he knew Tobey was Peter Parker and Tobey convinces him to understand that he is not a monster so he defeats Green Goblin and takes back himself and the other villains into the universes which they came from by help from Doctor Strange.

  4. Whatever It all matters when the sinister five are against three Spider-Men so bring on Spider-Man No Way Home. piderman no way home is going to have full time action. The first superhero I saw was Tobey as Spider-Man when I was only 5 years old and now today I am 18. So I have always loved Spider-Man more than any hero because he is strong inside his heart, he never broke and fought again and again after everything happened with him in the comics and the movies. He is and will always be better the whole Avengers and The DC Universe Because he is the Ultimate, Spectacular, Amazing Spider-Man. The king of marvel universe whose movies started everything is coming and his name is Tobey Maguire. Respect Spider-Man cuz whatever marvel is today it is because of him.

  5. i hate it when Marvel does these extra colours like they did at 1:57 adding red colour to his tentacles… like why did you make it look like a toy. That red colour in the tentacles 😑😑… they could've made it look like an actual weapon but no😕
    those fans who watched those movies have grown up now… we're not kids anymore.
    Anyways thanks for the movie❤️

  6. I miss the good old days of movie trailers not showing every goddamned highlight, and leaving most of the movie unspoiled. Now (again) I have no reason to see this movie in the theaters because, thanks to this trailer, and the ones before it, I've already seen it.

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