VIDEO What Order to Play/Watch Resident Evil! | Resident Evil Timeline (1998-2021)

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What Order to Play/Watch Resident Evil! | Resident Evil Timeline (1998-2021)

What Order do I play (& watch) Resident Evil?
Resident Evil Timeline (1998-2021)

Resident Evil 8 is out and it’s popularity is gonna bring in lots of newcomers. So you might be thinking, there’s a lot of games, spin offs and animated movies!! What order do they all go in? Well to stop you wasting hours searching all over the internet, here’s a concise video explaining everything you need to know! Enjoy

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30 thoughts on “VIDEO What Order to Play/Watch Resident Evil! | Resident Evil Timeline (1998-2021)”

  1. I would highly suggest play the original RE3 over the weak Remake with quite a bit of cut content and the Nemesis gameplay is just better. But I have heard we are getting an RE3 special edition Remake Seriously, I just want to know why they took the spiders out? It's a horror game and spiders are notorious for some people being so afraid of them they would rather burn their house down than live with them. So why remove an actual creature that induces real terror in ppl? The Remake sucks compared to the OG version. Just play the original, trust me.

  2. I've mostly played RE on console but since I've got a new high end PC now I've decided to go through all of them including ones I haven't played before. It's a shame Code Veronica isn't on PC but I have a PS3 and a PS5 so can probably get to play it somehow. Anyway, A list like this is exactly what I needed, great job, thanks a lot, liked and subscribed.

  3. Uhh quick question 🙂 I didn't understand one thing. If I want to play The Umbrella Chronicles, do I have to play The Darkside Chronicles? Or can I just skip the darkside and go right into umbrella after code Veronica?

  4. Thanks man! I have seen a lot of videos abt re and I have played revelations 2 at my friends place so I thought I'd get into re lore and play the games haha

  5. You nearly have every entry but you still missed a couple

    1.Biohazard The Stage: Takes place on August 2010, a year after RE5 (Piers's first canonical appearance)
    2. BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES: Prelude to the Fall: Takes place before the raid on Umbrella's Russian Factory in February 2003
    3. Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire: Takes place in 2012 and acts as a prequel to 6
    4. BIOHAZARD heavenly island: Takes place in 2014 and acts as a tie-in between Revelations 2 and Umbrella Corps.


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