VIDEO Which Spider-Man Villain Will They Use For The Homecoming Sequel? – Collider Mail Bag

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Which Spider-Man Villain Will They Use For The Homecoming Sequel? – Collider Mail Bag

Dennis Tzeng and Perri Nemiroff answer your mailbag questions.

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41 thoughts on “VIDEO Which Spider-Man Villain Will They Use For The Homecoming Sequel? – Collider Mail Bag”

  1. She's seriously fucking annoying with that "you say that" bullshit. Just because she knows she'll cave does not mean other people do not have the integrity to stand their ground. I'm with Dennis, there's not a chance in hell they will ever get me to pay for separate services like that. For what you would pay for that, or cable, you could afford a genuine monthly Blu-ray habit. Nah.

  2. It won't happen, but the best villain that they could put into Spiderman would be Vincent's DeNafrio's Kingpin from Daredevil. Have him be the financial backer for Doc Oc and the Sinister 6 in the 3rd movie… Won't happen though

  3. "We don't want to use a villain that's already been on screen" (for Spidey)

    That's really too bad for Rhino. I really loved him as a villain as a kid and he was barely in Amazing 2. I feel like he should get a pass.

  4. I think we will definitely be getting a Scorpion appearance again, but not having the scorpion powers, it will probably be more high tech gear. Would love to see the Chameleon in play in the Spiderman world, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    I don't really stream, my sister does. I usually like to own a hard copy so it is a one time payment that I don't have to repeat. These studios will probably go do their own services soon enough. I think Disney will put their content with the Marvel and STAR WARS content so it at one sight. But other studios like FOX and Warner Brothers may follow suite if they see them making money.

  5. I want it to be a Six movie with
    and Shocker

    Most of them will just be side villians like shocker was in HC 1
    But the leaders should be Scorpion, and Chameleon, while Rhino could be like shocker was in HC 1 whils the rest are not named but fans will know who they are

  6. im with Denis! separating out each company to have their own steaming service sucks! i sill stick with Netflix, i had Hulu too but dropped it since i can wait for the shows to get on Netflix. unless its 5 bucks, NO THANK YOU.

  7. I am paying for amazon prime, mostly because it gives me free and quick shipping (the movies and series are a bonus) and Netflix. Since I a also collect movies on dvd and blu-ray … I won't subscribe to any more streaming services.

  8. A long movie that flew by? In recent memory, for me it was WW. Its over 2 and a quarter hours I believe. But didn't seem that long at all. Of course there are going to be the haters that thought it felt longer, but what can you do? As for a movie that felt longer than it was, for me that would be Bad Moms…I absolutely hated that movie! It wasn't funny at all and was full of the tropes and cliches you see in those kind of movies all the time. I was looking at my watch regularly, and almost walked out before it ended! I've never felt like doing that in a movie before, no matter how bad it got.


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