VIDEO Marvel's Shang-Chi Director Teases Shang-Chi 2 & Ideas

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Marvel's Shang-Chi Director Teases Shang-Chi 2 & Ideas

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31 thoughts on “VIDEO Marvel's Shang-Chi Director Teases Shang-Chi 2 & Ideas”

  1. Iron Fist is back in the MCU, but Finn Jones could be on the chopping block of being recast as Iron Fist because of how awful season 1 was because of bad writing and his laziness of not learning a lot of martial arts in his training for the role.

  2. Please, make it happen!!! I’d love to see a Shang-Chi sequel and please include Iron Fist in it cause it makes sense. I’d also like to see Shang-Chi and Spider-Man collaborate at some point

  3. The other cities of heaven were set up. I’d love to see kun Lun, the immortal weapons, an iron fist ( I’d go with a take on or son Randall instead of Danny), Electra, or the hand in an iron fist sequel.

  4. I got ideas for five more shang chi movies
    1.the deadly hands of shang chi villain the hand
    2.the way of the spider team up with spiderman
    3. the advancing rising spirit where shang chi masters his chi to shoot energy and super strength
    4.the master of kung fu where shang chi meets his equal in fighting villain is the cat and becomes marvels best fighter
    5.the five weapons society

  5. Let's go I need them to star working on part 3 too, and hopefully they could introduce Ironfist in the sequel. Hopefully they could introduce the rest of the Netflix superheroes in the MCU movies

  6. up Next eternals a blockbuster….coz let's just be serious…spiderman 3 will be the biggest movie this year..and matrix 4 and west side story won't be able to compete..

  7. Marvel just send the man the damn contract already and get to work . Bro know what he is doing… we don’t need any hesitation here . No way we can let DC try to steal this man 😂😂


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