VIDEO Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) – Movie Review

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Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) – Movie Review

The world is dead but the fight continues. Resident Evil: Extinction continues Alice’s war with Umbrella in a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style setting. Does this third chapter raise the stakes or offend the fans?



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26 thoughts on “VIDEO Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) – Movie Review”

  1. So I could be wrong but pretty sure in the novelization of this movie, they explain that umbrella activated Alice shortly after the end of Apocalypse and she killed the Ashford girl.

  2. It’s been awhile since I watched this series (I love them), so correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it explain what happened to Angie? Didn’t they say Umbrella took control of Alice, and forced her to kill Angie, and that’s why she’s in self-imposed exile? To protect everyone else?

  3. This one is when they start going downhill! I'm sorry but I hate Alice,the only reason she's in these movies is because her husband was the director,they just made up a character so that she could be in the movies

  4. The problem with the films was they never explain anything at all, where Angela? Where axe man come from? I thought Charles ashford created the t virus not James Marcus? What happened to Chris?

  5. Alice's new costume was designed by Milla Jovovich's clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk.

    Claire Redfield in the video games is in a never-ending search for her brother Chris. When the main plot of the film was planned, the original purpose of the trip to Alaska would be the reunion of Claire with her brother. The Chris Redfield subplot was scrapped and the voyage to Alaska was rescheduled as a simple quest for a safe haven.

    Ali Larter was cast largely on the strength of her performance in the first two Final Destination movies.

    Milla Jovovich wasn't interested in doing a third Resident Evil film due to her disappointment with Resident Evil: Apocalypse. However she changed her mind after reading the script.

    There is no dialogue at all for the first 5 minutes of the film.

    Ashanti's first horror film.

    The crows sitting on power lines and attacking in large numbers pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds (1963).

    The only Resident Evil film in which the character of Albert Wesker is played by Jason O'Mara. All films after this one Wesker was played by Sean Roberts

    For the crow attack scene, only two crows were used for the entire sequence. The rest of the crows were entered with special effects.

    The name of the terrifying mutation that Dr Isaacs morphs into during the final sequence is never mentioned in the film. The creature however is lifted directly from the video games and is called Tyrant. The complete name of the deadly virus is Tyrant virus. T-virus is just an abbreviation.

    The White Queen is never called specifically by name in the entire film.

    During the release of the movie was around the time that Milla Jovovich has just given birth to her and Anderson's first child

  6. It really needs to be understood how much major studios DO NOT give a shit about the source material of most properties. These films were banged out on a modest budget to make money and be a constant star vehicle for Jovovich. Any other characters took a back seat. This is her and her husbands cash cow.

  7. T virus wipes out all life on earth. Next movie there's plants, trees and grass. Gains loads of clones of herself at the end. Next movie there all killed in the opening 10 minutes.


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