VIDEO 01 Backstage [001] – [SCTV – Season 1]

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01 Backstage [001] – [SCTV – Season 1]

These videos are in no way meant to replace the purchasing of commercially produced DVDs of SCTV. Making this series available is in no way meant to break copyright law. I am hoping fans of the series will have renewed interest in SCTV and will spread the word about this Classic Canadian Comedy Legend.

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I have included all 185 episodes of the Syndicated Series of SCTV. Please note that the Syndicated Series has material not available on the current crop of DVDs, and also that the DVDs have material not available in the Syndicated Series. Please note that there is also material not available in either.

This means that at this time, the complete series is not commercially available for purchase. I hope you will consider signing the online petition at
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26 thoughts on “VIDEO 01 Backstage [001] – [SCTV – Season 1]”

  1. My favorite all-time best comedy troupe of the 70s. It was always brilliantly written and delivered! I never stop laughing at these skits. Much funnier than SNL playing around the same time.

  2. John Candy died of heart disease , not to long after I had the same diagnosis. My son, my only child died last year at age 39 , of the same heart disease that nearly killed me and took away my beloved son, and John, and so many others. Valentines Day will never be the same. Rest in Peace,


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